We are a manufacturer of 
high quality natural raw foods 
for dogs and cats.  

Our goal is quality and animal welfare. 

Pure and simple! 

*Label Error*

We have recently discovered a small printing error in our quarter pound (1/4lb) Chicken Cat meals.  

The label does not indicate that we had included heart.  

Heart is an essential source of nutrition for a cat, as it is their taurine source.  

This error was simply a misprint on our labels - our cat meals all contain heart.  

Sorry for any inconvenience.  And thank you to those who have brought this to our attention. 



"I've just introduced Spook to your raw food diet and he loves it. I love the idea of pure food and not all the other junk that goes into the canned combos. He has IBS and surprisingly, has handled the switch without any problem. He is currently on Venison but I'm hoping to introduce him to chicken soon. I'm also hoping that he can drop a pound or 6 as well.  Thank you!"

(Heather November 2014)

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