We are a manufacturer of 
high quality natural raw foods 
for dogs and cats.  

Our goal is quality and animal welfare. 

Pure and simple! 

*Label Error*

We have recently discovered a small printing error in our quarter pound (1/4lb) Chicken Cat meals.  

The label does not indicate that we had included heart.  

Heart is an essential source of nutrition for a cat, as it is their taurine source.  

This error was simply a misprint on our labels - our cat meals all contain heart.  

Sorry for any inconvenience.  And thank you to those who have brought this to our attention. 



"We get all kinds of complements on [our dog] Ilie, and most people when they first see her guess that she is 3 or 4 years old, we believe this to be a direct result of her great diet and your product.  Just want to let you know we love your product."                -Michael, Linda and Ilie (May 1/2014)

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