Sooo …. I have a 13 yr. old Gorgeous Shiba Inu-type guy. He’s had serious plaque/tartar problems and a lot of allergies throughout his life ….. I’ve been feeding him Red Dog for approx. 6 weeks along with chicken/turkey necks. I am ECSTATIC to announce that the tartar buildup on his teeth has almost completely disappeared!!!
No Trauma, No Anesthetic, No Vet Bill !!! You Rock Red Dog Deli !!! Tucker & I Thank You So Much ♥

Alison K.

Miss Violet loves your food!! She just wanted to say thanks. 🙂

Sheila S.

I’ve been feeding my ferrets the feline version of the red dog. They love it. Especially the kangaroo and rabbit. Their coats are gorgeous and they have way more energy. Love your product.

Sherri K.

We love your raw dog meals!

I have a 4 year old Papillon and a 11 week old Canaan pup who are both on your raw diets. My Papillon is very picky, but eats so much better since switched to your brand. His coat has also improved a lot as well. I recommend Red Dog Blue Cat to everyone I meet.

Andrea H.

My foster dog Pickles LOVES the wild boar ribs. Can you say bliss!?! Just look how much she drools LOL!

Simon B.

I’ve just recently started feeding our dogs your product and they absolutely love it! I’ve never seen them so excited for meal time before!

Melissa L.

My fur-baby, Neeko (aged 6) loves his RDBK!  I take his [food] out of the fridge and get merry kitten chirps and shimmy tails right to the point of inhalation.  Never so much as a scrap left!  Neeko’s eyes are bright, coat is gorgeous and teeth are pristine, largely due to his diet.

Adelaide M.

Our cat Ziggy Stardust is much more energetic and healthier since we took him off of dry cereal and started feeding him Red Dog Blue Kat raw food.
After four weeks we saw him get leaner, more muscular, his fur was much nicer, and his skin problems cleared up.


Mindy (my service dog) will be 13 and the end of August, and is starting to show signs of arthritis and deafness and just general old age. I had been using her occasionally, but this will no longer be possible. I am thankful I got 10 1/2 years of service and companionship out of the old girl, and from now on she will just be my pet and official house guard dog. She was never sick a day in her life except for her thyroid and bad  allergies that became controllable after I switched her to your excellent food over 10 years ago when this environment drove caused her itchiness. After starting your food, her allergies were controllable and she was never internally sick the whole time I have has her. People are surprised when I say she is so old, as she easily looks and acts at least 2-3 years younger. If you ever need a spokesperson for your wonderful raw food, I’m your gal because I am a believer! Thank you and Inna from the bottom of my heart for getting her this far and let’s hope she still has a couple more years left in her.


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